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Embrace your inner nomad and fulfil your ‘van life’ fantasies with custom-built Caravans.

At a glance:
If you are a serious and experienced camper, bespoke caravans are best for you.
Lyfe RV offers a proper off-the-grid hybrid solution aimed at outdoor living.
A custom-built hybrid/caravan offers flexibility. It gives a better return on investment than ready-made models.

Custom-built caravans let you live in comfort, no matter where life takes you.

The number of people choosing to live in hybrids/caravans is rising as hundreds of families and working adults decide that a white picket fence isn’t for them. As these caravans travel across the country, they share their experiences and inspire others to take less travelled paths.

But there’s more to the caravan than simply adding a motor to a tiny home. It is far from a fad. It is a way of life that trades materialism for minimalism, mundane routines, and the corporate grind for freedom in the wilderness.

There are many reasons to choose a van life over a traditional home—e.g., low cost of living, flexibility, adventure—but the main one must be freedom. When you’ve got all your stuff, it’s easy to pack up and go wherever and whenever you want. Exactly what so many campers worldwide are doing.

Unleashing your inner nomad is the first step to setting yourself free.  The best partner you can have on this journey is your custom RV.


Buy a custom caravan to fit your lifestyle.

When buying a caravan, you want to be able to align your needs and your personality while having it as affordable as possible. When you invest in a custom-built caravan, you’re not purchasing something that will help you get from point A to point B.

Instead, you’re buying into a lifestyle.

Purchasing a custom-made vehicle that fits your needs makes sense because your priorities will differ from everyone else’s. As a hardcore camper, you’d want your van to have off-road capabilities and a sturdy narrow body.

What are the advantages of a custom-made caravan?

A custom-made caravan is an investment in your comfort, safety, and style. Whether a free-standing tent or an equipped trailer, you can customise your caravan to make it the perfect fit for your needs. The extra cost is well worth it due to its many advantages.

Flexibility of customisation

Custom-made caravans allow you to choose the features that are important to you and drop those that aren’t. You can also add features that were never before available in caravan design.

Allows innovation

An experienced camper understands the importance of space in recreational vehicles. Hence you can always choose customisation that will make your camping life enjoyable. With a custom-made caravan, there are no limits on what can be achieved.

Control over design aspects

A bespoke solution’s build quality and craft are way better than a ready-made van. By choosing a custom-made caravan, you can decide how it looks, where features will be placed, and its colour. When people see your bespoke caravan, they’ll know who it belongs to.

With a custom-made van, you control every aspect of its design. Thus, an increased ROI from your purchase. You’re paying more money for minor customisation when you buy a pre-built caravan.


Summing it up

The world is changing, and we are willing to experiment with alternate lifestyles and housing options. People want to travel on their terms, in their vehicle, in their comfort zone, and at their own pace. There’s something liberating about being able to do that.

If you’re looking for a way to see what a digital nomadic life offers in the most comfortable and luxurious ways, look no further than Lyfe RV.

Whether on rugged outback terrain or enjoying cruising our beautiful coastlines, Lyfe’s custom-built RV will help you get it done in luxurious comfort, superior style, and self-contained mechanisms.



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