Compact Caravans

Elite Compact Caravans from Lyfe RV

The demand for luxurious and compact caravans is growing in Australia. When you come across a stunning tiny tourer, it’s hard not to want one for the entire family. Compact caravans are designed for small families and are the ideal vessel to cover the Australian outback with a slice of home.

Compact caravans are less strenuous to handle than large RVs and still provide the benefits of a full-sized vessel. They offer a luxurious upgrade for both seasoned travellers and newcomers who enjoy life off-grid. There are a variety of sizes and styles available to accommodate even the most eclectic of tastes and harshest conditions.

Camping is an Australian pastime and offers explorers a valuable opportunity to connect with their surroundings as well as their loved ones. The simplicity of pitching a tent amidst a scenic hilltop will always have a place amongst outdoor enthusiasts but, over time, tastes have evolved. Compact caravans combine the simplicity of easy shelter and accomodation with the need to be mobile and cover large swathes of ground with a raft of amenities. Especially if you like to stray from the tourist trail, Lyfe RV offers the best compact luxury caravans in Australia ready for any destination.

Buying a private compact caravan is a sizeable investment but one that is certain to benefit your family. As international borders open, the price of travel and accommodation has exploded without offering any certainties. For many, the point of holidaying is to switch off and negate the stresses of day-to-day life. This is something to consider because when comparing the precariousness and cost of going overseas against the potential of a compact caravan, the decision becomes clear.

Above all, connection and quality time is the highest priority when going on holiday. Not only do you acquire a luxury asset when you purchase a compact caravan from Lyfe RV, you also purchase certainty and adventure for your family.

Lyfe RV also offers a personal touch and can fit your compact caravan with a range of features to make your next trip that extra bit comfortable.

If you are a first-timer, the large list of models and manufacturers can be overwhelming to choose from. That’s why Lyfe RV pride themselves on finding the best compact caravan for any customer. They boast a wealth of industry experience and are determined to help Australian’s begin their outback adventure.

If you’re curious, it’s worthwhile looking at the SUPA TRAKKER EXP19 to start your search. This caravan comes equipped with exciting features to make your journey more memorable and enjoyable. The design team at Lyfe RV continues to impress by offering a perfect balance of tech and comfort. You can download the floor plan of Lyfe RV’s SUPA TRAKKER EXP19 here.

Benefits of Owning a SUPA TRAKKER EXP19

  • Effortless setup 
  • Lightweight caravan
  • Easy to tow
  • Ample power
  • Better cushioning on off-road travelling
  • Features dual-zone freezer; keeps your edibles fresh for a longer time
  • Economically flexible caravan
  • Homely ambience


Hybrid Trakker Exp15

As you step into our Lyfe, you will see the lightweight Hybrid Trakker Exp 15 offers the best use of space for comfort and convenience, effortless set up with the automated pop top, ample storage and oversize internal combination bathroom. And for your creature comforts in Lyfe, diesel heating and hot water, air conditioning, and smart tv, just to name a few.


Hybrid Trakker Exp15 Family

As you step into family Lyfe, you probably would have asked yourself “how will they fit our family in?” Our passion is to create private and cosy spaces for both adults and kids. The answer: face to face family seating, rear end bunks that convert to a couch and sheer dividing curtain.


Hybrid Trakker Exp17

Our Hybrid Trakker Exp17 is a perfect couples hybrid offering a combination of solid and sturdy build, comfortable and spacious with all road versatility. If life on the road is calling you, enjoy it in style for weeks at a time, not just a couple of days… with your own sophisticated off road, off grid, dual axle narrow bodied hybrid.


Supa Trakker Exp19

Our Supa Trakker Exp19, fully composite compact caravan, exudes luxury, comfort and class. If life on the road is calling, you can do it in style for extended periods with this impressive off road, off grid narrow bodied caravan. All appointments are precisely what you need, delivered with thought and detail, as you would expect, in a product of this calibre.