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What you can do while caravanning across Australia this winter?

At a glance:

There are certain things you must ensure before starting your caravanning trip.
Australia has some must-visit destinations specifically for caravanning.
While caravanning, you not only travel across the country, but you can include fun activities on the way.

Caravanning is the best way to enjoy nature without staying in one place for the whole day. It’s surely trending across the world with 13.2M posts under #vanlife on Instagram.

To ensure your caravanning trip is about fun and frolic, you must explore Australia during the winter. We have listed some tips and tricks to help you start a fun-filled adventure. Here are some of them;

Before You Go Winter Caravanning

  • Caravan Inventory

From picking the right blankets to selecting pantry supplies, pack the things that’ll meet your essential needs. Planning your meals ahead of time and stocking your mobile pantry is a must.

  • Clothing

Winters can be brutal in Australia. Always carry a thin thermal base layer, a lightweight jumper for insulation from cold, and a weatherproof winter jacket.  You can also invest in pairs of warm gloves and a beanie. Make sure you’re well prepped for the cool winds.


Must Visit Destinations

There are several caravan destinations across Australia that can be your perfect winter getaway.

Opal Inn Caravan Park in Coober Pedy

Opal Inn Caravan parks are a hot spot for caravanners in the centre of outback South Australia. If you’re caravanning around Coober Pedy, add this destination to your itinerary.

Glemlodge Caravan Park in Bundaberg,QLD

The Glemlodge Caravan Park is only 5km from the Bundenbarg town centre. You can visit the famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery and enjoy the range of Bundy Rum cocktails that the front bar offers.

Albany Holiday Park in West Australia

Situated on the West Coast of Australia, Albany Holiday Park is one of the favourite sites among caravanners. In a scenic landscape, the quaint little park has a rustic vibe that comes with a lounge area.

Make The Most Out Of Your Winter Caravanning Experience

You can make the most of winter by engaging in some fun activities your caravan trip allows.

Let’s have a look :

  • Go For Skiing

skiing on holiday

If you’re a fan of snowy mountains, you can drive to NSW for your winter caravanning. The site sports Australia’s five tallest mountain peaks. You can go skiing and snowboarding for true adventures.

  • Winter Surfing

winter surfing

On the northern coast of NSW, the tropical ocean currents offer the perfect surfing in the winter. When the ocean temperature hovers around 22℃, with no crowd in sight, your surfing safari can be more fun.

  • Whale Watching and kayaking

Hop on a whale-watching cruise or go for a kayaking adventure while you park your caravan nearby.

  • Caravanning Amidst Wildlife

caravaning amongst the wildlife

With the diverse range of Aussie mammals, from kangaroos and wallabies to echidnas and bandicoots —you’re likely to spot them from closer than ever.

  • Exploring Nature and Culture

The Nitmiluk Caravan Park, Ayers Rock Campground, Kakadu Lodge, Caravan Park, and many such spots will bring you closer to the natural beauty of the Aussie outback. Nature aside, you get to explore diverse local cultures by visiting local cafes, eateries, and bars.

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