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Why caravanning is a better option than camping for your next family holiday?

At a glance:
When camping with your children, inflatable tents with plenty of space are a necessity.
About 800,000 recreational vehicles are registered in Australia, and 1.5 million people travel every year.
Discover why caravans are a versatile travel option and how can you buy one.

Have you ever spent a beautiful, brightly lit morning splashing in ocean? Barbecue lunches surrounded by clouds of mouth-watering aromas, followed by days full of beach cricket, fishing, swimming, tinnie rides, and boogie boards? A memorable family outing!

In recent years, caravanning and camping have experienced a resurgence, propelled by a desire of people to connect with nature and each other rather than material possessions. People may be even using these odd times as a catalyst for planning a new future life of travel on the road as they realise life is too short. Anyone considering buying equipment for a getaway like this (or even a change in lifestyle) may find it confusing if they’re unfamiliar with it. So, what is the best camping holiday for a family? Does it involve a tent, caravan, campervan, motorhome, or something else?

Camping (Tent)

camping tent

An enormous inflatable tent is a must when camping with children since it has a large ‘lounge’ area as well as plenty of sleeping space – and there are no obtrusive poles to deal with. For the kids, travel bunk beds will help you to maximise the use of the floor space. Additionally, raising the kids off the floor helps them stay warmer, not to mention that it makes them super-excited! There are also the essentials such as a stove, kitchen sideboard, a BBQ, chairs, blow-up chairs, and sleeping bags for the kids.

All this stuff does take time to set up. Additionally, buying all this stuff will also cost you a considerable amount.

Children, especially, enjoy camping, and it is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with nature and spend more quality time with your family.


lyfe rv customisable camping caravans

According to tourism operators and the caravan club, the caravanning boom in regional areas across Australia shows no signs of slowing down. Around 800,000 recreational vehicles are registered in Australia, and 1.5 million people go on holiday each year.

Motorhomes, caravans, and campers are also in high demand, with 18-month wait times on new units and long wait times on second-hand models. Many families are on the move after extensive pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. In a sense, these types of travel offered freedom to many families since you could get away from people, yet you could also meet others. Instead of going to the city every day, you can get out and explore. Lyfe RV makes mobile living easy.

Caravanning- Versatile travel option

One of the reasons why caravanning is so popular is the great freedom it gives you. Unlike other accommodations that may prohibit children under a certain age, caravanning is laid-back and caters to families. Also, you can sleep in the same room as your kids, whereas finding a family room in a hotel can be difficult and you won’t have a problem taking your pets with you!

When it comes to flexibility, caravanning is ideal for people who like to be spontaneous. With other types of accommodations, you would have to make all your reservations in advance and adhere to your itinerary. Otherwise, you might end up without a place to stay. The benefit of having your mobile home with you is that if you are unable to find another place to stay, you can always stop wherever you want. Additionally, some caravan parks are little towns in themselves, with all the amenities you might expect, from kid’s clubs to sports activities, to swimming pools, in addition to restaurants and shows.

Caravanning is an excellent way to experience Australia’s great, expansive countryside. Lyfe RV can customize any type of vehicle to fit your needs – be it a family van, off-road camper, caravan, or pop-up. Lyfe RV designs and manufactures innovative, well-designed, and top-of-the-line cabins on wheels. Rather than produce RVs on a production line, they handcraft their RVs, ensuring the highest quality. If you’re looking for a brand-new, or customised caravan to send you off on a holiday adventure, look no further than Lyfe RV.

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