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  • Well, where to start about Lyfe RV!

    After doing the rounds of Campbellfield Caravan manufacturers our heads were spinning. Too many options, too many variances in workmanship and quality, and too much sales talk.

    We almost shelved our dream of travelling in a caravan. We had very specific requirements, as this was going to be our 4th and final retirement van after 30 years of tents, camper trailer and a hybrid.

    And then a friend of a friend scenario happened! We were put in touch with Lyfe RV, a relative newcomer to the industry and we didn’t look back. The team were so accommodating, listened to and met our needs and the end result was our Supa Trakker 19…and we couldn’t be happier!

    Given its an off road, Aussie built, full composite and designed for off grid living, the price is at higher end of the market, but with all the options/inclusions that are standard (not extras) we were blown away. And the outdoor kitchen is amazing. Now I’m sounding like a salesman – seriously, if anyone was considering an Australian built van, you wouldn’t be disappointed, and I’d be happy to chat if you had any questions. I might just be their next ambassador!

    Love our Lyfe!

    Bob and Sue
    Vic, Australia
    Supa Trakker Exp19   
  • So much happiness arrived in our driveway this weekend. Our stunning new Lyfe RV Hybrid Trakker EXP15! So instantly in love with this van and we cannot wait to hit the road and start making memories!
    Couldn’t be happier with our choice of manufacturer. Such an amazing, warm, imaginative and innovative team to work with during the construction of our dream. Made right here in Melbourne, this van ticks ALL the boxes! It also has the best designed kitchen I’ve seen in a hybrid.

    Tam & Anthony
    Vic, Australia
    Hybrid Trakker Exp15   
  • Thank you for the opportunity to express how impressed I am with your company’s response to my query. Just as important, I am impressed with the ‘genuine tone’ of correspondence. I was surprised at how prompt Danni was. My query was sent in the evening and Danni replied first thing the next morning. I have since looked at the links Danni mentioned. Customer comments have certainly influenced my decision to look at Lyfe RV. I look forward to meeting Danni at that time. Very keen to physically see the van as I plan to travel around this magnificent country of ours in the future, free camping as much as possible.
    Christine and Mark
    Vic, Australia
  • We wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for organising everything with the van. This morning went well and we got the van home in some pretty windy conditions. We are very happy with our purchase and would like to thank you for your professional approach throughout the process.

    Stan and Julie
    Vic, Australia
  • So excited. Just ordered our new custom made hybrid from Lyfe RV.

    Being part of the design & build was a huge plus for us to get a layout & design that suits our requirements.

    Looking forward to working with the team at Lyfe RV.

    Supporting small business, Australian made.

    Vic, Australia



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