We are an Australian owned company who manufacturers high quality custom Off Road Caravans and Hybrid RVs. We use full composite panels in construction of walls, floor and roof. We take pride in our product and service. We will work with our clients to offer a personalised solution for your needs.

Yes, we would love to help as this is our speciality. Speak to us about your vision and we will endeavour to make it into your reality. 
We do not offer finance but we can put you in touch with our trusted finance partner. https://www.strattonfinance.com.au/caravan-rv-finance
No, we do not accept trade ins.
You can look up this information on Redbook to find your vehicle if you have a standard manufacturer towing kit. If you had an after market towing kit installed, we strongly recommend you contact the manufacturer for that information.
One of our favourite spots to camp is on the great Murray River in Yarrawonga, Victoria. We stick to the Victorian side as they allow campfires (depending on if there restrictions).