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Best Family Hybrid RV in Australia (Lyfe RV15f Hybrid)

Travelling with your family is a great way to create amazing, once in a lifetime memories, and together as a family, you can explore everything that Australia has to offer. However, if you are looking to travel have you thought about how exactly you are going to do it?

Luckily for you, Lyfe RV has you covered. Lyfe RV is a unique Australian custom builder that strives for design excellence, innovation and craftsmanship in all of their vans. Your family off-road caravan dreams are also theirs.

With their range of well designed, high quality, functional, and luxurious off-road caravan and hybrid RVs, there is sure to be an option perfect for your family.

When looking to explore beautiful nature and off-road trails across Australia, with your family, it is important that you are choosing the right off-road hybrid camper. With Lyfe RV, you find quality and comfort, as well as hybrid campers to make your off-road family travels effortless and fun.

So, now you might be wondering, what is the best family hybrid for me? As one of the newer manufactures on the market, we offer a fresh outlook and new options to your search. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best family off-road caravans in Australia, so we are certain you can find the right hybrid RV at Lyfe RV.

With the Lyfe RV15f Hybrid (Family van), everyone in your family can feel comfortable when travelling. This off-road family Hybrid RV ensures confidence, safety, reliability and an effortless setup for anyone. Our vans are already fully optioned with lithium batteries, diesel heater and hot water and air conditioning, just to name a few. Also depending on your situation, we can also add extras to create a bespoke, personalised van for your family. This could include additional battery capacity, air suspension, 17-inch wheel, powered awning, front stone guard and more.

Our passion for off-road caravanning, and our renewed approach to the industry means we provide a never-before-seen balance of uncompromisable quality, attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and design, while ticking off all the items on your caravan wish list to achieve the perfect off road family hybrid RV.

Endless thought and research has gone into creating the Lyfe RV15f Hybrid , here are some it’s best features.

Features of Lyfe RV15f Hybrid

  • As the name suggests, Lyfe RV15f Hybrid is built to suit a family. While traveling in a group, the most common concern is space and storage. In a small footprint, we have created small spaces within spaces, creating ample storage for a family.
  • This family hybrid RV comes with bunks for the kids, and a queen bed for the adults, ensuring adults and children each have their own space.
  • The Family Hybrid Exp15 has been designed for off road and off grid living.
Lyfe RV15 Hybrid


Lyfe RV15 Hybrid

As you step into our Lyfe, you will see the lightweight Lyfe RV15 Hybrid offers the best use of space for comfort and convenience, effortless set up with the automated pop top, ample storage and oversize internal combination bathroom. And for your creature comforts in Lyfe, diesel heating and hot water, air conditioning, and smart tv, just to name a few.


Lyfe RV15f Hybrid - Bunk Model

As you step into family Lyfe, you probably would have asked yourself “how will they fit our family in?” Our passion is to create private and cosy spaces for both adults and kids. The answer: face to face family seating, rear end bunks that convert to a couch and sheer dividing curtain.

Lyfe RV15f Hybrid
caravan tow - on-road


Lyfe RV17 Hybrid

Our Lyfe RV17 Hybrid is a perfect couples hybrid offering a combination of solid and sturdy build, comfortable and spacious with all road versatility. If life on the road is calling you, enjoy it in style for weeks at a time, not just a couple of days… with your own sophisticated off road, off grid, dual axle narrow bodied hybrid.


Lyfe RV17f Hybrid - Bunk Model

This dual axle, narrow bodied off road and off grid hybrid is pure sophistication with all the luxuries you have at home. Including a comfy queen size bed, mounted TV, fans, USB ports, and sidelights. Decent Bunk sizes of 750mm(W) x 1850mm(L) each with pockets and pigeonholes for the kids’ books and toys, and a window for the kids to take in the views.
Lyfe RV17f Hybrid


Lyfe RV17 Off-Road

The new Lyfe RV17 Off-Road is a combination of luxury living with full off-grid capabilities. It makes life on the road for short or long getaways possible with the easy set. Whether you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or simply want to experience the great outdoors in comfort, the Lyfe RV17 Off-Road is the ideal choice for your next adventure.


Lyfe RV19 Off-Road

Our Lyfe RV19 Off-Road, fully composite compact caravan, exudes luxury, comfort and class. If life on the road is calling, you can do it in style for extended periods with this impressive off road, off grid narrow bodied caravan. All appointments are precisely what you need, delivered with thought and detail, as you would expect, in a product of this calibre.

LRV19 Off-Road
Lyfe RV19f Off-Road


Lyfe RV19f Off-Road - Triple Bunk

This dual axle, narrow bodied, off road and off grid compact caravan is offering all the mod cons and guaranteeing, you will not miss ‘home’! How many kids? No problem, we have you covered with generous size triple bunk configuration with beds measuring 750mm (W) x 1850mm (L). Let’s tick off your list: comfort, quality, convenience of space and storage, and a few hidden little extras which will keep both adults and kids satisfied.


Lyfe RV19f Off-Road - Double Bunk

Our Lyfe RV19f Off-Road –Double Bunk Model boasts four large, double-glazed windows and two small windows at the bunks. Fitted with a club lounge for the whole family to have meals or play board games. Other internals include plenty of storage, a spacious internal combination bathroom, stereo system, TV, diesel hot water and ducted heating, and air conditioning. The kitchen is full of pleasant surprises such as 152litre compressor fridge freezer, rangehood with LED lighting, induction cooktop, microwave, and indoor /outdoor pantry access.
Lyfe RV19f Off-Road - Double Bunk


A family of 4 is best suited for a family caravan.

You will get a queen size mattress and double bunk beds (which can be used for both kids and adults) to ensure you have enough space to sleep while camping.

You can live off-grid for 4-6 days, depending on your power usage and how you manage your power. However, we can customise the power system to suit your needs.

Some of the features of our family caravan are:

  • Queen size bed with padded upholstered bedhead
  • Double bunk beds
  • Combination shower & toilet
  • Truma Aventa air conditioning
  • Composite insulated fibreglass panel walls and roof
  • Slide-out dual-zone fridge and freezer combination with storage box

Yes, we can discuss your layout requirement.

A family caravan with basic features starts at around $110,000; the price will vary depending on the features and customisation required.

It will take around six months to complete the build with all the customisation requested.