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Who We Are

As avid campers and having been totally overwhelmed by the myriad of manufacturers in the caravanning industry, we made the decision to develop what we believe provides the essentials for an elite all inclusive off road, off grid RV.

Clearly there is to much confusion for the consumers to make clear informed decisions regarding such issues as; Australian made versus imports, off road versus semi off road, we have solar but my kettle won’t boil, what is a battery management system? Indoor or outdoor kitchen, why do I need an inverter? The list goes on; it is endless! We have you covered with many of these as quality standard inclusions and an informative consultation for all the explanations you need.

What Do We Do

We are a small Melbourne based family business and we are the manufacturer who personally builds your RV. You will know your team and will receive personalised service keeping you informed throughout the build of your dream RV. We don’t always have showroom stock but our product ambassador will happily show you through their Lyfe RV. A visit of our manufacturing facility can be made by appointment to see our RVs under construction.

Our priority is to offer our clients everything we wanted to tour this great country of ours, whether on rugged outback terrain or just enjoying cruising our beautiful coastlines.  It will be done in luxurious comfort, superior style and fully self contained for days on end.  It’s been tried and tested.

Consider making Our Lyfe, Your Life, you won’t be disappointed.

Consider making Our Lyfe, Your Life, we will make a perfect partnership

Consider making Our Lyfe, Your Life for your Lyfe’s next journey.

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