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Best Off-Road Camping Spots in Victoria

We’re now almost in the post-COVID era. The worst is hopefully over now and Australians want to get out and about to explore the world. However, it’s needless to say that not all people want to visit the same kind of places. When it comes to people travelling in caravans,  there are those who prefer to stay in caravan parks and those you prefer off road and off grid. With Lyfe RV, you are able to glamp whilst diving deep into the wild where you can experience natuire in the rawest way possible.  If you belong to the latter, this blog is for you.

Here we have covered some of the most amazing camping spots in Victoria that we love, where you can experience nature at its best, no caravan parks included.

1. Historic Town of Talbotville

Talbotville offers one of the best campgrounds in Victoria. It is a deserted gold mining town and we highly recommend going on a 4WD to reach there. It is located to the north-west side of Dargo. There aren’t any residents there anymore because of which you will get levelled ground full of beautiful green grass to camp overlooking the picturesque Crooked River. It offers a fire pit and a newly added drop toilet. You can enjoy this site to the fullest with lots of tracks and trails to cover in the neighbourhood.

2. Mornington Peninsula’s Foreshore

This is one of the best options if you would like to experience something different to forest or hillside camping. The Mornington Peninsula foreshore offers some of the most scenic beachfront camping options out there. It has Victoria’s most stunning beaches, including Rosebud, Rye, and Sorrento.

The biggest of the three camping areas is Rosebud, which spans for more than 10 kilometres along Port Phillip Bay’s magnificent waters from Rosebud to the seaside community of McCrae. While Sorrento seafront camping is for people who want a smaller camping spot, the Rye foreshore offers you a wonderful location along 2 kilometres of sandy white beaches.

3. Johanna Beach

Johanna Beach is a peaceful surfing destination among the sand dunes that is set aside as a backup option for the Rip Curl Pro competition at Bells Beach in the event that the waves are flat. There is space for 25 tents in the unpowered, free campground, and the good part is that it also welcomes dogs! Joanna Beach has basic restrooms and sloped sites, so if you are in for roughing it out then you’ll be amongst the first to catch the waves and enjoy the surf in the Otway National Park.

4. Mount Buffalo

The alpine setting of Mount Buffalo generally draws skiers in the winter, though in the summer, campers seeking relief from the sweltering heat are drawn to the scenic Snow Gum woods, breathtaking waterfalls, and meadows full of wildflowers that this site offers. The Lake Catani Campground offers unpowered tent, trailer, and campervan campsites with the bare necessities from November to April so that you feel the nature at its fullest without additional luxury like cafes or restaurants.

For those seeking to climb the Horn, go hang gliding, rock climbing, or simply paddling around the lake in a canoe, Lake Catani makes the ideal adventure spot. It’s also worthwhile to explore the neighbouring towns of Bright and Beechworth.

5. Cathedral Ranges State Park

The magnificent seven-kilometre inverted ridge can be experienced first-hand in the Cathedral Ranges. The site offers three places to camp: CooksMil, which offers thirty campsites suited for tents and RVs, Ned’s Gully, which is located over the bridge on the Little River Road and has fifteen tent-friendly sites, and the third is Farmyard, which is open to the public and where hikers are free to access the Razorback Ridge Track without paying a fee.

You get to stand witness to the breathtaking view of the surroundings from the Razorback Ridge Trail. If you’re in for it, there’s also an option to reach the highest point of the range and get a gorgeous 360-degree panoramic view by trekking through Sugarloaf Peak.

6. Lake Eildon

If you’re someone who loves to enjoy watersports and all fun things water, then Lake Eildon is for you. From lakeside camping to watersports and boating to water skiing, you’ll get everything at this place. If you’re not in the mood for adventure, you can go fishing on the lake, enjoying the remarkable lakeside views. Walking and hiking aren’t as intensive in this area and the whole family can enjoy the experience. Take a stroll along the Blowhard Circuit to get the best views of Lake Eildon. The path leads to the Blowhard Summit, making it worth all the effort.

Coming to a Halt

If you’re looking for an off-road caravan getaway in Victoria, we hope you could find something of your interest in this list. For queries on custom RVs or caravans you can email or call us via this link.



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