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Caravan Towing Course List

With Covid-19 pandemic now almost water under the bridge, more and more Aussies are gearing up for adventure. Caravanning is one of the top leisure activities in Australia that allows people to recharge and rejuvenate.

Here, there is no legal requirement to undertake training or complete a test before you can tow a caravan or trailer, provided you have a valid driving licence.[i] There are, however, a few exceptions such as when the tow vehicle and the caravan exceed specific mass limits in which case you are required to have a heavy vehicle licence. Several states and territories have restrictions on caravan and trailer towing by learner drivers.[ii]

The absence of legal requirement for formal education, training and tests does not mean that you naturally possess the necessary skills to tow your caravan successfully and safely. In fact, towing a caravan is not only a daunting task but also can potentially be dangerous. In order to enjoy your caravanning adventure, it is a good idea to undergo caravan towing training in order to equip yourself with skills and knowledge to safely tow your precious home away from home. Caravan towing training is also important because it is an opportunity for caravan drivers to learn about the laws and regulations that they need to comply with.

In light of the foregoing, we cannot overestimate the necessity of undertaking a caravan towing course before you embark on your adventure of a lifetime. This article compiles a list of available caravan towing training courses in each state and territory that can help you safely hit our ever busy roads with your caravan on the tow.

caravan towing courses

Australian Capital Territory

  1. Tow-Ed
  2. Getabout Training Services
  3. Sutton Road Training Centre
  4. LearnToTow

New South Wales

  1. Tow-Ed
  2. Viking Driver Training
  3. Getabout Training Services
  4. LearnToTow
  5. Holiday Coast Training
  6. Australian 4WD

Northern Territory

  1. Train Safe NT


  1. Tow-Ed Queensland
  2. Roadcraft
  3. Caravan Towing Tuition
  4. Shift Training
  5. Australian 4WD
  6. Australian Driving Institute
  7. LearnToTow

South Australia

  1. Follow Me 4WD
  2. Australian Driving Institute
  3. Australian 4WD
  4. Adelaide Trailer Training


  1. Complete Driving School
  2. Tow-Ed Tasmania
  3. Complete Driving Tasmania
  4. Getabout Training Services


  1. Tow-Ed
  2. METEC Driver Training
  3. COVE Training
  4. Murcotts
  5. Wodonga TAFE
  6. Driver Development Australia
  7. Australian Driving Institute

Western Australia

  1. Mark Keogh Training
  2. Global Gypsies
  3. Australian Driving Institute
  4. Gecko Driving School

Winding Up

Caravan towing requires skills and experience for your safety as well as safety of others. The on-the-road experience is unparalleled. For instance, you can only learn how to safely tow a caravan in different road and weather conditions when you are on the road and faced with the different conditions. Nevertheless, you need to basic skills that include mechanics of towing a caravan for you to develop confidence when you are behind the wheel. It is on this premise that caravan towing training is important for beginners.

Caravanning is fun and adventurous. However, you need to understand the pitfalls and dangers that come with towing. You can only avoid these dangers if you learn the proper and safe way of towing your caravan.

Once you have acquired the basic knowledge and skills, and you are ready to start your adventure, you need the perfect caravan that will give you the best experience that you are looking for. At Lyfe RV, we make your choice of the perfect caravan just right. Our luxury caravan will make your caravan holiday a great experience of a lifetime. We are a distinctive custom RV manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia. We have demonstrated excellence in manufacturing high-quality off-road caravans and hybrid RVs to our esteemed customers across Australia. Email us on or speak to us today on 03 8899 7678 to order your dream caravan customised to meet your lifestyle.

[i] Trucksales Staff (2022), ‘New call for caravan towing licence.’ Trucksales

[ii] Cameron Kirby and Jordan Hickey (2022), ‘Australian Road Rules: L- and P-plate restrictions by state and territory.’ WhichCar?



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