Craftsmanship over the production line approach

RV travel has experienced a surge in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. Families are increasingly choosing RV travel as a holiday option because it the flexibility to explore as one pleases in luxury and reliability. These factors combined are the hallmarks of freedom and they remove the stress of booking accommodation, securing flights and the rigamarole of the current air travel.

Specifically, RVs are the ideal solution for the outdoor explorer. Whether it’s an awe-inspiring coastline or a stunning view from the hinterland, there are a myriad of off and on-road varieties for different conditions. If you are in the market for a new RV, there is a plentiful range to sift through- and unfortunately, not all are built robustly. This is why it is important to seek the advice and services of a reputable RV company who can tailor the features, size and materials to suit your ongoing needs.

It is important to ensure that the off-road capabilities promised to you by the salesperson stand up against the demands of the Australian outback in real-time. From equipment failure to plumbing and insulation problems, a less-than-reputable RV can effectively undermine your entire holiday and deter a future one. Luckily, you can safeguard against the unexpected by purchasing from Lyfe RV. With many satisfied campers to vouch for their craftsmanship, Lyfe RV assembles their caravans individually as opposed to the production line approach.

Insights from the manufacturer 

Within each range of caravans at Lyfe RV, the construction method differs significantly as do the specifications for off and on-road caravans. Lyfe RV uses composite insulated fiberglass panel walls and roof with a honeycomb floor.  This has marked a significant turning point in the process of building superior-grade caravans like the Hybrid Trakker Exp15. As a result, the shell components contribute to the overall strength of the structure; as opposed to the components relying exclusively on the floor and chassis.

Moreover, our caravans are held together with Advanced Bonded Technology, screws and rivets. This combination process enhances the strength process, making them ideal for off-grid and off-road travel.

To improve strength and spread stress evenly, our caravans are made using a fully bonded construction. With this technology, the Supa Trakker Exp19 ensures confidence, safety, reliability and an effortless setup for any camper.

The takeaway
As you are likely to spend a lot of time travelling to different spots, it is key that the design of your RV can sustain ideal living conditions for its inhabitants. Lyfe RV’s off and on-road caravans are not only manufactured with the utmost craftsmanship but can be customised with a range of amenities to suit even the most eclectic of tastes.



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