How to ensure you are ready for your first off-road adventure.

Are you looking to head out on your first off-road adventure? If so, this is obviously an exciting time for you and your travelling companions to have some fun discovering something new.

However, as for an off-road adventure you need to be ready and ensure that you are prepared for anything you might come across. Whether this be brushing up on the areas you are heading to, reading about the locality you are staying in or double checking your checklists, everyone prepares differently.

Preparing can also include knowing your limits when driving long distances, taking a driving course or joining an online or in-person off-road adventures groups for advice and tips. All of these will help in a significant way. The skills you possess as a driver and off-roader should be your source of confidence, however, if you are looking to expand your off-road capability, an off-road course can help anyone.

motor home Lyfe RV

While all of these are essential to keeping you safe and improving your off-road knowledge, the most important aspect of heading out on your first off-road adventures is having the right vehicle and the right caravan to safely take on your adventure. Having the right off-roading skills and knowledge will be very useful if you have access to a well-performing vehicle during your off-road caravan adventures. Plus since your caravan will be your home until your trip ends, finding a good van for the trip is essential.

Choosing the right caravan can be the difference between a good and a bad off-road journey. Finding a caravan that has been created specifically or modified to handle off-road conditions is key.

When searching for the perfect off-road caravan, you need to be looking at options that are high-quality, functional and reliable. Also look for a caravan that has been designed and created specifically with off road and off grid living in mind, this way it will include all the tools and spaces you need.

Well, we can help you out here. If you are searching for the best off-road caravan option, then look no further than Lyfe RV, and their range of the newest, bespoke options on the market. Through their avid love for camping and endless experience, they have put their knowledge into creating caravans, with a focus on consistency and confidence within design and construction.

Using all of their knowledge, they have created a great off-road option for everyone with the Supa Trakker Exp19.

The Supa Trakker Exp19, is an off-road narrow bodied compact caravan, that is equally comfortable and luxurious. It has been perfectly designed to handle all of your off-road adventures across Australia, to make your journey the best it can possibly be.

This van comes with a huge number of features including a queen-sized bed and ample space for two people, that also include some well-loved creature comforts such as a lounge, microwave, air conditioning and oversized internal ensuite. This isn’t even where it ends, due to the design of the Supa Trakker Exp19 being for off road adventures, it includes all the elements necessary for off grid living including ample power for extended off grip stays, solar panels and lithium batteries and inverter powered by a battery management system.

If you are looking to prepare for your first off-road adventure, then look no further than the Supa Trakker Exp19, from Lyfe RV.




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