Top 7 places to see Australian wildlife when off-road caravanning

Australia is home to many wild species worth seeing while you are off-road caravanning. Regardless of what time of the year it is, you are bound to have a swell time sporting and listening to Wildlife conversations. While you check out these amazing locations, you should have the best caravan with you.

Your trip is incomplete without finding the right companion; a high-quality off-road caravan. Lyfe RV offers the best compact luxury caravan that will guarantee your comfort while you journey. Whether you are a rowdy family with kids, a pair of grey nomads, or a solo adventurer, you can never go wrong with the right choice of an off-road luxury caravan.

If you are planning an off-road caravanning experience soon, here is our top list of awesome places to see Australian wildlife while on the go.

  1. The Kangaroo Island, South Australia:

    Kangaroos are quite prominent in Australia and should be on your top list for wildlife sightings. Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia covering about 4,500 square kilometres, so you know you are in for a long satisfying wildlife sighting. The KI as it is typically referred to by the locals is a worthy place to visit while off-road caravanning. Even though Kangaroo, Wallabies, and Koalas make up a large population of wildlife here, you are bound to see other animals such as Echidna, Platypus, and others. This island also has an exciting advantage that will make your caravanning experience memorable; it is the only place in the world where you can take a guided walk among Sea Lions. Beyond the excitement of seeing new and old wildlife, you will also benefit from the rich food and wine heritage peculiar to this island. Get your compact luxury caravan today and pay a visit to kangaroo island for an awesome wildlife experience.


  • An array of wildlife sightings
  • Rich food and wine heritage of the island.
  • An iconic place to visit.
  • A chance for a guided walk to sea lions.


  1. Tasmania:

    A visit to Tasmania will give you the best the best take-home memories of your off-road caravan adventure. This island is filled with many animal sightings and its home to some rare species. You can start off watching the dirty scurry activities of wombats on Maria Island on the east coast of Tasmania or go seeking the popular Tasmania devils. You are bound to run into some forester kangaroos, Pademelon, native wallaby species, and many birdlife to keep you coming back. There is also a great advantage you stand in sighting humpback and southern right whales as they migrate. There are several places to see wildlife in Tasmania such as Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park, Freycinet National Park, and Bruny Island. Get your caravan ready and drive down to Tasmania for your best wildlife sighting, yet.


  • You get to see Tasmanian devils.
  • Multiple spots for wildlife sightings.
  • A chance to sight Humpback Whales migrating.


  1. Daintree Rainforest, Queensland:

    The Daintree Rainforest is a wildlife expedition you want to take on your off-road caravan. Regarded as one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests, this visit will leave you feeling surreal. This is home to several rainforest wildlife. You get to see several sea crocodiles, musky rat-Kangaroos, Giant white-lipped tree frogs, the chunky Scarface, and green tree snakes. There is also a great chance to see birds such as the kingfisher, the striated Heron, and southern Cassowary. The Lyfe RV luxury compact caravan is the companion you need on this journey.


  • One of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world.
  • A chance to experience the wild like never before.


wildlife camping spots with off-road caravan

  1. Phillip Island, Victoria:

    Philip Island is a great visitation sight in your wildlife adventure. Here you will see several penguins during the penguin parade as the cute birds return after a day of fishing and several other animals such as the koalas, Australian fur seals, whales, short-tailed shearwaters, and others. The best part of this place is the opportunity to go star gazing. You can choose to visit Philips Island nature park only 90-minute drive from Melbourne. Philip Island is home to awesome wineries and you can treat yourself to one while you breathe in the fresh air of the island.


  • You get to see the famous penguin parade.
  • You get to treat yourself to the good wine of your choice.
  • There’s an opportunity to go star gazing or fishing.


  1. Raymond Island, Victoria:

    If you are looking for multiple spotting of wild Koalas, welcome to Raymond Island. This adventure will be a short one as the island is small with a population of over five hundred. Raymond Island is home to many koalas unlike any other part of Australia. Apart from the Koalas, you can also sight other wildlife such as possums, wombats, Echidna, and Kangaroos. Here you can find the 1.2km long Koala Trail walk that starts at the main ferry point and goes around the island.


  • Sighting of wild Koalas like nothing you have seen before.
  • The small island makes the adventure easy and shorter.
  • There is a 1.2m long Koala walk trail.


  1. Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia:

    How about a chance to see some wild sharks? If this sounds like something you are interested in, then you should visit the Ningaloo Reef on the west coast of Australia. This trip will help you explore marine wildlife like never before. From seeing some humpback sharks to observing dolphins, sea turtles, and manta rays. Ningaloo Reef is the world’s largest fringing reef, stretching over 300km long. Another advantage of this visitation is the possibility of swinging by the Cape Range National Park and feasting your eyes on land wildlife such as the emus, dingoes, birds, and kangaroo of course.


  • You get to see Humph back sharks
  • A chance to swing by The Cape Range National Park.


  1. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve:

    A trip to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is a good idea if you want to see some bushy-tailed wild wallabies. This place is just about 50 minutes’ drive from Canberra; the capital city. You can follow any of the twenty-four marked trails at Tidbinbilla starting from short walks to long hikes. You might also see other wildlife like the emus, Koalas, the famous Kangaroos, or even the covert platypus. It’s a great spot for bird watching, you can also find some reptiles here. This is the perfect spot for a family caravan as both the young and old can enjoy the exciting wild space this reserve offers.


  • You can go hiking on one of the twenty-four trails here.
  • You can get to see wild bushy-tailed wallabies.
  • It’s a great spot for a family caravan.


Top 10 places to see Australian wildlife when off-road caravanning

Winding up

One of the best investments you can make in an off-road caravanning experience is a sturdy caravan that promises comfort while you scout for wildlife. Whatever your need, Lyfe RV is the perfect pick for your caravan. We are a distinct custom vehicle manufacturing team based in Melbourne.

Whether you are looking for a luxury caravan that caters to every of your comfort, a sturdy compact caravan for a solo adventure, or a hybrid caravan that gives you the best of both worlds, we have just the right pick for you. Contact us today to get your dream caravan, shoot us an email at or speak to us on 03 8899 7678 for further enquires.






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